NickA picture of a Tor sticker with a hammer and wrench.

Nick Mathewson

I live in Massachusetts and hack on Tor and Libevent.

You can follow my twitter account if you like.

Unless I say I'm speaking for my employer, I'm not speaking for my employer.

Recent Programming

The software I've worked on is either on Tor's gitweb page, or on my github page.

Old Programming


I haven't published as much research as I'd like in the last few years; most of my technical writing has gone into various Tor design proposals and things like that.

That said, here are some papers I've helped write:


To contact me, send email to nickm @ alum . mit . edu. Although I try to answer my email fairly regularly, I get a lot of it, so before sending personal email, please check whether there is a mailing list or bug tracker that might be a better fit. In particular, please use appropriate mailing lists for technical support if you possiby can.

My current PGP key is here.
The fingerprint is: 2133 BC60 0AB1 33E1 D826 D173 FE43 009C 4607 B1FB

My old PGP key is here.
The fingerprint is: B35B F85B F194 89D0 4E28 C33C 2119 4EBB 1657 33EA

I have a PGP key transition statement for your amusement.